Tudor (Tangent) Arches

Tudor arches permit extensive design freedom. They offer the warmth, friendliness and appearance of fine wood plus economy and fire safety. Alamco structural members retain their beauty, requiring very little if any maintenance actually mellows and become beautiful with age. Tudors arrive to the jobsite cut to exact size and precisely drilled, assembly and erection of these members are simple and economical. Costly on-the-job cutting and fitting are virtually eliminated by the factory precision techniques.



Radial Arches

The graceful symmetry of a radial arches spills beauty to the architect, strength to an engineer and economy to the contractor. The wide range of spans available opens almost limitless territory for imaginative design, especially where large areas of unbroken space are a principle requirement. Gymnasiums, auditoriums, sports arenas and similar clear structures are economically constructed with efficient Radial Arches.