Alamco History

Rilco Laminated Products, Inc.

Production started in 1938 as Rilco Laminated Products, Inc., in Blue Earth, MN and we were only the second glulam manufacturer in North America. Prior to WWII, Rilco was known in the industry for manufacturing prefabricated agricultural buildings that consumers could buy from a catalog. During WWII, on the heels of the steel reduction programs, Rilco branched out into long span hangars, factories and commercial buildings. Post WWII, we expanded our catalog of prefabricated farm buildings, arches, truss systems, custom laminations and added many other products.




Weyerhaeuser Corporation 

In 1960, Rilco Laminated Products Inc. becomes a Weyerhaeuser subsidiary and continues the tradition of quality laminated wood products.



In 1982 Weyerhaeuser closed the Albert Lea plant. Facing the loss of their livelihood, 10 employees invested in and reopened the facility under ALAMCO Wood Products Inc. brand and began to diversify ALAMCO's production from commercial products to utility poles, shelters & highway sound barriers helping them survive and eventually thrive during the economic downturn of the last decade.





Bell Lumber & Pole Company

In May 2009, the Bell Lumber & Pole Company successfully completed an acquisition of the Alamco facility, renaming it Alamco Wood Products, LLC. The new Alamco group retained most all the existing management & employees and they look forward to continued growth by combining synergies with their new parent company. Together, both companies will improve Alamco's position as a leader of quality custom laminated products & customer service.